The International Research Symposium in Natural Bioactive Products Innovation in Natural Products-Based Biopesticides and Drugs from Agroforestry Waste, Plants And Microorganisms will take place in Granada in November, 2021.


  • Unidad Asociada UGR-CSIC BIOPLAG: Bioplaguicidas, biotecnologia, sintesis y diversidad quimica (Grupos: Biotecnología de Hongos y Síntesis de PN Bioactivos FQM 340-UGR, Bioplaguicidas-CSIC).
  • Grupo de Química de Productos Naturales, U de Antioquia, Colombia (BIOCOOP)
  • Food & Agriculture Foundation. Amity University Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Grupo de Productos Naturales- RSEQ

Academic sessions

  1. A) Agroforestry Waste as a source of bioactive natural products for a sustainable agriculture
  2. B) Optimization of bioactive substances from waste
  3. C) Biotechnological production of bioactve microbial natural products
  4. D) Poster sesión

Technical Session

  1. E) Visit to KIMITEC Group R&D Center and Kimitec Excellence Awards Ceremony

Format: Face to face and Web

Aimed at: Postgraduate, Master and Doctorate students and last degree courses in Biology, Chemistry, Pharmacy and Chemical Engineering. Technicians and researchers from Biotechnology and Fine Chemical Companies based on natural products: Producers of Oil, Wood, Essences, Cosmetics, Pesticides, etc.